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Iontophoresis Treatment

Iontophoresis Treatment for Skin

Professional & Affordable Iontophoresis Treatment in Chennai

Iontophoresis is one among the most effective treatment for sweaty palms and sweaty soles. Iontophoresis can be defined as the method by which electric current is used to administer medicine or any chemical through the skin. It has also proven to be most successful methods to treat sweaty palms.

Iontophoresis is  an easy procedure which can be performed by a trained dermatologist. The process gives extremely good results for patients. The procedure hardly takes about 30 minutes per session.

ionophoresis treatment procedureIontophoresis can be done using only tap water or medicated water. Apart from treating sweaty palms,  iontophoresis is also used for cutaneous anesthesia for laser skin surgery, treatment of  wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and drug delivery.

Procedure & Administration:

Before the process is initiated, the patient is well educated on the procedure. First the affected area is cleaned and dried so that current passes evenly everywhere. After selecting the proper electrode and the medium, the patient is asked to dip the affected area into the solution containing the electrode.

Iontophoresis treatment in chennaiThe device is then turned on and the current is gradually increased till the patient’s tolerant level is reached. Once the tolerant level is reached, the current is reduced and reversed. After completion of the process, the affected area is protected with moisturizing lotion.

Iontophoresis is an easy to perform and a  cost effective treatment for sweaty palms and many other skin diseases.



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